Vies parallèles | Miklós Szentkuthy | 2015-2024

One of the rare covers I’m really proud of. Miklós Szentkuthy is a very famous Hungarian writer. The new Belgian book company (I co-founded) Vies parallèles decided to publish the French translation of a 10-book series written by Szentkuthy, titled St. Orpheus’ Breviary.

En marge de Casanova is the first tome of the series (the last tome will be published in 2024). I had to design a concept I would be able to develop for the 10 books, from 2015 to 2024. It was obvious that we would use classical paintings for the covers as Szentkuthy talks a lot about art, music and paintings in its books. I decided to start again some experiments with the Processing codes I used for this book last year. Quickly the idea of mixing two different paintings showed up – the code mixes the two different pictures through progressive rasters from one picture to the other. But for the first book of the series we decided to use one painting only, discussed by the author in the book: Susanna and the Elders by Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto. The original painting being horizontal, I choose to mix the left and the right parts in order to have a vertical picture. By chance, the hand of Susanna nearly met the head of the Elder… and that was just perfect, and so beautiful, and so erotic (read about the painting to understand), so I worked to get the fingers of the woman and the wrinkles of the man mixed up. This post-modern cover is probably the most appropriate one I ever did (but you have to read the book to really understand why). I would have loved to have the opinion of Szentkuthy about it, but the great writer passed away in 1988. The nine next covers will be designed with the same codes but different paintings.

Publisher: Vies parallèles | 140 x 200 mm. | 248 p. | Fonts: Today and Custodia |
Binding: Cold melt


The original painting Susanna and the Elders by Tintoretto:


The fingers of Susanna and the wrinkles of the Elder:


Renaissance noire is the second tome, published in 2016. Here two different paintings (not only one) are mixed: Antonio Allegri da Correggio’s Jupiter and Io and Colijn de Coter’s Saint John the Evangelist Weeping (both the pictures come from the Google Art project and are very-high-res photographies). I used a different raster to produce the mix between the paintings:



The third volume will be published on January 2017.

Publisher: Vies parallèles | 140 x 200 mm. | 248 p. | Fonts: Today and Custodia |
Binding: Cold melt